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Founded in August 2000, approved as per DIAN Resolution No. 408, February 12, 2001, and Resolution No. 0006989, July 6, 2009 whereby authorization is granted to conduct business activities as “AGENCIA DE ADUANAS SISTEADUANAS LTDA”, certified under QUALITY NTS-ISO 9001:2008 2010 and SAFETY ISO 28000, awarded by BVQI COLOMBIA LTDA.

  • Customs Brokerage in imports and exports.
  • Long-term and short-term Temporary Imports.
  • Preparation and processing of import records and licensing.
  • Clearance Procedures.
  • Advisory on imports and exports.
  • Tariff classification.


To be leaders in providing Customs Brokerage and foreign trade services of the highest quality, exceeding our customers’ expectations and needs. Participating in the development of our staff by training them, providing them with opportunities, respect and fair compensation.


AGENCIA DE ADUANAS SISTEADUANAS LTDA - Level 2, shall be consolidated as a company recognized in the Customs Brokerage market for its high efficiency and quality in providing import and export services to our clients, with highly qualified staff and committed to pursuing the goals of the company, and having modern and agile organizational structure.


SISTEADUANAS LTDA – Level 2 Customs Agency develops its customs agency service in compliance with current regulations, based on compliance with quality and safety standards, thus ensuring comfort and satisfaction of its customers, also minimizing risks and threats against illicit activities. We are a highly skilled and committed team driven by organization and growth goals; we continuously seek monitoring and continuous improvement of our quality and safety management system.

Quality and Safety Objetives

    • Ensuring reliability in handling goods, managing legal documentation, the application of customs regulations and information management./span>
    • Ensuring proper condition and capacity of the infrastructure planned for delivering our services.
    • Establish policies, rules of conduct and procedures for prevention and control of potential illegal activities through the company.
    • Ensuring internal and external customers receive feedback on the status of their processes or requirements in a timely fashion; timely service delivery, and management of complaints and claims.
    • Ensuring quality of our supply chain with the achievement and monitoring of strategic partners and suppliers, ensuring that they have the necessary knowledge and infrastructure for high levels of compliance and support in our service.
    • Maintain control in the Company´s assets and information.
    • Decrease the level of risks and threats, aimed at cargo operations in each process.
    • Improve the level of skills and awareness of personnel involved in risk operations, quality operations and company operations by implementing a training program.
    • Maintain the projected profitability.
    • Ensure continuous review of the quality management system for process improvement.
    • Implement, maintain and update procedures in accordance with the parameters of Supply Chain Standard 28000.