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Founded in November 1989 with the main objective of consolidating and transporting international air, sea and multimodal cargo. Approved as Cargo Agent by resolution DIAN No. 0006165 of June 25, 2010, which empowers it to handle goods in the different ports and airports of the country.With IATA license No. 76-1-2019 of January 15, 1995. With NTC-ISO 9001: 2008 quality certification and NTC-ISO 28000 safety certification.


Air and Sea Freight Forwarding

Consolidated Cargo

OTM-DTA Multimodal Transport

Imports and Exports

Freight Forwarding to and from anywhere in the world

Worldwide Shippers Network


We aim at providing the best choice in providing consolidation and deconsolidation services for air, sea and multimodal cargo, and we have the necessary infrastructure, tools and current standards to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.


Being recognized in the international air and sea cargo consolidation and deconsolidation market, thus becoming the best choice for our customers, in terms of quality, flexibility and human talent.

Quality and Security Policies

Systemamerican Cargo Ltda. implements mechanisms and conditions which rely on quality and safety standards, in order to facilitate and promote the cargo consolidation operation under optimal cargo control programs, as well as timely security and response time, in order to decrease the risk of illicit operations and activities such as drug trafficking, smuggling, money laundering and terrorism. We comply with legal regulations for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers. We are a compliance – committed team which driven by organization and growth goals; we continuously seek monitoring and continuous improvement of our quality and safety management system.

Quality and Safety Objectives


Meeting our clients’ needs with real and reliable information regarding the status of their cargo and making timely and safe delivery of their documents and goods.


Relying on strategic partners as customers in order to enable and foster the development of our activities.


Keep the Company’s infrastructure updated and in good conditions so as to comply with the requirements of the service.


Ensure continuous improvement of our Quality and Safety Management System for supporting the organization.


Establish policies, rules of conduct and procedures for prevention and control of potential illegal activities through the company.


Decrease the level of risks and threats, aimed at cargo operations in each process.


Having competent and qualified staff, and training them with programs which regulate quality and safety standards.


Optimizing process timing and generating safe logistics operations for the organization as a stakeholder in the supply chain.